Fishing tools

Dear friends of see fishing,

let us introduce our products for see fishing in a new design for this year.
Snares are sprayed with fluorescent colour or chromium-plated. Our snares are made with experiences with see fishing in Scandinavia.
Some snares are successful in spring, some in autumn. It depends on weather, local conditions and water temperature too.
These snares are designed not only for classic pilkering, but you can use it also for "laing above bottom". Their slim body with center of gravity at the bottom part is good to stay in see streams.
All snares are sold with V.M.C three-hook (chromium-plated or permostil).

There are some news in our offer: That are pilkers with spaces for luminous stick (weight 330 and 600 grams). These snares were tested in Norway with great success.

We believe that our experiences and our snares will be very useful.
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